Monday, 29 June 2015

Putting On The Dish: A Short Film In Your Actual Polari

Putting on the Dish from Brian and Karl on Vimeo.

This amused me.

Thanks to Brian & Karl. x

PS I've asked them if they can do a subtitled version for the youngsters.


  1. Would it be naff to say bona?

  2. Why do some gays wet their pants about a secret language that only pretentious queens speak and is fundamentally a symbol of gay oppression? Be glad that we don't have talk in code any more and consign this to history where it belongs.

    1. It's only a 'symbol of oppression' is you believe the fiction that its primary function was to allow gay men to talk in code when in earshot of straight people...

  3. The film is excellent and very touching. I remember polari well from my teens... It certainly wasn't a language of 'pretentious queens' in the day...