Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rainbow Flags: At Last!

One of four Cabinet ministers not to vote in favour of gay marriage, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond is heading for another spectacular fall-out with the pink community.

I hear that Hammond has ordered British embassies not to fly the rainbow flag to mark this summer’s gay pride marches.

And, unlike last year, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Whitehall will not fly the striped banner, the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movements.

The Union flag always takes priority,’ says a spokesman. ‘It is flown from the FCO’s main flagpole at all times. It is never substituted for another flag. It is the FCO’s long-standing policy to fly the Union flag, national flags and the flags of Overseas Territories.’

Before Hammond was made Foreign Secretary last July, numerous embassies, including Paris, Oslo, Tel Aviv and Santiago, flew the rainbow flag...

Daily Mail.

If true, this is wonderful news. [Edit: Sadly and SHOCKINGLY, it is more Daily Mail 'File Under Bollocks'].

Quite why British embassies - like police stations and town halls - indulge in this patronising wankery is beyond me. 

Perhaps the government could consider banning rainbow flags completely?

PS 'The pink community'! LOL!!!

Update: Why has Pink News' story on this disappeared? How odd! Or Orwellian...
'Page not found'.

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