Friday, 26 June 2015

Sweet Freedom: Deckchairs On Titanic Now Open To All

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  1. It's incredible how obsequious some are to the politicians who held out against gay rights for as long as possible and only changed their tune when it was make-or-break.

    I was reading a gay forum where there are so many threads now with titles like THANK YOU, MR PRESIDENT!, or OBAMA: BEST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!, and OBAMA: SHOULD HE BE PRSEIDENT FOR LIFE?, and my personal favourite was THIS WAS A GREAT WEEK FOR AMERICA, where the poster reckoned that the gay marriage thing plus the eulogy given by Obama where he sang Amazing Grace was a GOOD THING for America; no consideration for the fact that what he was giving a eulogy for was anything but a good thing for America. These fucking apolitical morons.