Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tel Aviv Pride: That Number Again...

From a quick search on Google News.

Numbers of participants on Pride events are usually hilariously over-inflated by organisers.

Then often obediently repeated without question.

Note here it's the gay media that have gone for this magic 180,000 number.

The figure is taken from this email sent out earlier by 'Tel Aviv-Yafo International Relations', an official Israeli government PR body, natch.

And who'd think there was any need to question anything they say, eh?

Update: And here's a cartoon video made by the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and released to the US media Monday.

It's meant to satirise liberal Western journalists 'naivety' about Gaza and Hamas - and depicts a crazed Arab terrorist abducting and then shooting a gay man.

There is no evidence this actually happens in Gaza, but why let that stop you?

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