Monday, 29 June 2015

The Advocate: What Is Point?

The landscape for American LGBT activists changed forever on Friday. Now that we have marriage equality secured nationwide, some organizations carrying that banner are closing up shop.

"Freedom to Marry was created as a campaign to drive a needed strategy to attain a specific big goal. And today we achieved our goal," Freedom to Marry president and founder Evan Wolfson told The Advocate Friday. Over the next several months, the campaign he's helmed for more than a decade will "have a smart, strategic wind-down, to capture the lessons learned" and apply them moving forward.

"The work of this campaign is over," adds Wolfson, an out attorney who argued one of the country's first same-sex marriage cases, out of Hawaii in the 1990s. "But the work of this movement is far from over."

While the closure of some organizations with a singular focus seems a happy inevitability in our new reality, some of us inside the movement are facing more existential questions. As part of a movement that has been laser-focused on marriage equality for so long, what is the role of the nation's longest-running LGBT publication once that hard-fought victory is won? ...

Spoiler alert: They decide that it still is, cause there's other things to write about than gaymarriage!

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