Monday, 1 June 2015

Vicious: What Fresh Hell Is This?

Inexplicably returning for a second series tonight.

'Ooh, that's a big one, ducky!'

[Sound of raucous canned laughter] etc etc.

If there is a god - which there isn't - he must really hate the gays.

PS Sireena in the Sun; “We have not yet had a scene seeing the two of them in bed together, and I don’t see why that couldn’t be the case.

“At the top of the stairs on the set there’s a bedroom that we never see, and I used to say to the audience in the breaks, ‘So is it a double bed up there or two singles?’, and everyone was agreeing it was a double bed."

“In the past, gay characters in soaps have been quite unbelievable and you couldn’t imagine them in bed.

“But Freddie and Stuart have sex and are rude about each other.”

Let's not go there.

Update: It's a rave one star review in the Telegraph!

Presumably it took almost two years for Vicious to return in order to negotiate high enough fees to coerce such accomplished actors to come back. We must hope that in future their many, infinitely superior, other projects delay the process even longer.


  1. Derek Jacobi is by far the better comic performer of the two.
    The first episode tonight was even worse than any from the last series. The writing is absolutely dreadful. I still love it, though. It makes me laugh.

  2. I couldn't stand the last series. Ended up watching it in the vague hope it might get better or at least the young lad would take his shirt off but as he's done this in Game of Thrones now I don't need to watch this ever again.

  3. I love it too possibly because it IS so naff. There's no need for a bedroom scene, though, the whole thing is high camp pantomime and if the couple were straight, there'd be no bedroom scene in a panto, either. That said, a scene of them in bed reading wouldn't go amiss. But there's never need for explicit sex in a panto regardless of sexuality of couple.