Friday, 28 August 2015

Daily Express: Raving

Lol etc!

PS Still no news on Fagburn's request to rejoin the Labour Party...

PPS Positively glowing interview with loopy gay wannabe Labour deputy leadership candidate, Ben Bradshaw, in the new GT (Gay Times) by... Benjamin Butterworth, his de facto press officer!


  1. This is the political equivalent of making Jacob Rees-Mogg leader of the Tory Party, the difference being the Rees-Mogg has only been taking the piss for the last five years. It's not at all clear why this will be good for the Labour Party or good for Britain.

  2. Yes, Tony Blair has popped up yet again to tell everyone that Corbyn will be a disaster. And he's so right. Just like he was about the electoral unpopularity of Messrs Livingstone and Galloway, PFI, tuition fees, deregulation of the banks, Iraq....