Monday, 31 August 2015

Lord Montagu Of Beaulieu: Notorious Car Collector Dies

Beaulieu motoring collector Lord Montagu dies - BBC News.


Hilariously BBC News don't mention how most people will know his name. [It was updated after about half-an-hour - most odd, or did I dream it?].

PS I think The Independent was the only paper to pause and reflect on the import of the Montagu-Wildeblood trial. [Edit: Dandy peer and the sex trial that changed Britain, Daily Mail].

PPS Good piece by Kevin Childs in Gay Star News. And a woeful news story in Pink News.

Lord Montagu, pictured with friends in happier times.


  1. Hmm...

    Yeah, that's exactly the noise I made as I read it, haha...

  2. But a famous and unrepentant bisexual got a mention. Shame about the photo; Liberace? Ffs, could've chose Fred Dinage.