Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Muslim Drag Queens: Gaysian Babes

A GAY Muslim drag queen, who strips from a burka to a mini-skirt, has allowed cameras to film his life for the first time – despite receiving death threats.

Asif Qureshi, whose stage name is Asif Lahore, is one of a handful of brave people taking part in MUSLIM DRAG QUEENS.

The Channel 4 documentary delves into the secret, underground world of gay Asians, who are often dubbed “gaysians”.

Asif, from West London, told TV Biz: “I get death threats, I get heckled. I get called an infidel. People say I’m against Islam, that I shouldn’t call myself a Muslim.”

But Asif, whose life changed when he became the first Muslim to enter Drag Idol, with an act that saw him wearing a burka on stage, has told of his determination to stand up to the bullies and critics.

The Sun.

Asifa Lahore is also profiled in today's Telegraph, a sympathetic piece but it centres on the incongruity; 'Islam and drag aren't an obvious pairing...'

Muslim Drag Queens isn't on til Monday August 24th.

So in the meantime...

PS Guardian online now, too; Muslim Drag Queens activist voices fears of backlash.

PPS And in the Independent, which discusses if Channel 4 nicked the idea for the programme.

PPPS And finally... Mail Online invite you to Meet The Muslim Drag Queens via the magic of video.

PPPPS And the Telegraph. Everyone sure loves those Muslim Drag Queens.

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  1. All of these journalists have obviously no idea that one of Pakistan's biggest TV stars is a drag queen known as Begum Nawazish Ali. Look her up and see! Just like the Conchita Wurst effect last year, they make it sound as if drag is solely a modern western thing.