Wednesday, 2 September 2015

56 Dean Street: Email Sent

One of Britain’s leading sexual health clinics has apologised after mistakenly revealing the identities of hundreds of HIV-positive patients.

The 56 Dean Street clinic in London sent a newsletter on Tuesday that disclosed the names and email addresses of about 780 recipients. The newsletter is intended for people using its HIV and other sexual health services, and gives details of treatments and support.

The clinic, which is run by the Chelsea and Westminster NHS trust, apologised shortly after sending the email and on Wednesday pledged to investigate how the breach occurred.

Britain’s data protection watchdog is likely to launch an investigation into the privacy breach, thought to be one of the biggest of its kind...

The Guardian.

Yes, this is obviously very, very bad.

But it looks like some poor sod hit the wrong button on their keyboard, so let's not hang them, or 56 Dean Street, out to dry.

The idea that Dean Street could be hit with a massive fine over this cock-up helps no-one, and would harm many. *

We all fuck-up from time to time.

* The much bandied about figure of a maximum fine of £500,000 is a bit like the council saying you could be fined £5,000 for putting your bins out on the wrong day - ie you won't actually be.

PS Fagburn's also not entirely convinced that Sky News' Kay Burley inaccurately calling 56 Dean Street an 'Aids clinic' in what was probably a hastily written tweet was the great crime some are claiming.

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