Saturday, 5 September 2015

Advertising: Could You Be More Boring?

Nearly 7,000 people have called on Brewdog, a British craft beer company, to remove a fundraising advert many are considering transphobic.

Thousands have people say they will boycott Brewdog until they remove the video...

[The petition claimed it featured] “offensive caricatures of people, many of whom already suffer discrimination every day [such as] homeless people, trans women and sex workers”...

Gay Star News. 

Here's the ad.

Fagburn loves the idea of boycotting something you weren't buying anyway.

Clicking on an e-petition is quite meaningless.

All this tells us is that there are some very boring and joyless people with access to a computer, and who'll take offence at a pink fondue fancy.

Update; 'Brewdog “cannot and will not guarantee that at some point we will not offend the following groups due to our deep-seated and heartfelt prejudices”. It then went on to list a number of groups including Sepp Blatter; Nazis; overweight cats; diet drinks and people who put lime into lager bottles.

'The company summed up its advertising approach by saying “we sometimes don’t take ourselves too seriously” and asked people to accept the list of groups as full transparency regarding who and what it discriminated against, warning that it may well ridicule them in the future. The statement concluded that anyone believes “we are ridiculing anything other than people or items listed above, you are either misguided, ill-informed or out of your tiny mind".

 Statement quoted in marketing mag, The Drum.

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