Friday, 4 September 2015

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Caring, Sharing...

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Part of the Independent's achingly sincere, self-serving Refugees Welcome 'campaign' - hideous.

The Indy was the only British newspaper to put the emotional pornography of that photograph showing the dead baby in full on their front page yesterday.

A strong piece by Max Fisher for Vox.

The massed index fingers of social media ain't been this angry and sad since Cecil The Lion!

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PS Mirror online have resurrected this story from April; Michael Portillo says desperate Mediterranean refugees should be 'dumped on a Libyan beach. Yes, that's the Michael Portillo whose father was a refugee from the Franco regime. Not the first time she's had a strange sense of recall about her past.

Matthew Parris in his Times' column, Saturday...

There are moments when a shaft of ice should enter the soul. Yes, I too saw the photograph of the dead child. Yes, I too had to brush away a tear. But weeping at pictures is not a policy, and saying “we must do more” is not a policy. Policy seeks remedies, and the remedy for the refugee crisis is no more apparent now that we have seen a picture of a lifeless toddler than it was before it.

What kind of primitives have we become that we need to see a drowned person before we acknowledge to ourselves that people are drowning? Did we not know, had we not read, that migrant children drowned? What happened to the written word? Are newspapers and broadcasters to dispense altogether with report and analysis and offer us only a slide show? “Tragic,” “shaming”, “shocking” — this is politics by adjective. We need some nouns... 


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