Sunday, 20 September 2015

Cliff Richard: One Down...

ONE of the three investigations into alleged sex abuse by Sir Cliff Richard has been dropped by police, according to a close friend of the pop star.

The inquiry is said to have foundered because detectives have been unable to find evidence to substantiate the claims. Richard is also understood to have provided police with evidence that he was never alone with two men who allege that he attacked them in separate incidents in the 1980s.

“Cliff has given the police evidence that he was never on his own on the days when the alleged attacks took place,” said the friend, who asked not to be named.

South Yorkshire police and a spokesman for Richard declined to comment...

One of the alleged victims claims he was 15 when he was assaulted by Richard at a Billy Graham rally in Sheffield in 1985. More than 47,000 people attended the event and Richard was accompanied by minders and other staff. The friend suggested some of those have signed affidavits supporting the singer’s assertion he was never alone.

It was also suggested by the friend that detectives found inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s description of the surroundings at the Bramall Lane stadium. A second allegation was made by a man who said he took part in the making of a music video with Richard in 1981. Again, Richard is understood to have presented evidence that he was never on his own during filming.

South Yorkshire police said: “We won’t be providing a running commentary on the investigation. The inquiry continues.” ...

Last week, The Sunday Times revealed Suffolk police has halted a probe into claims of two murders by a VIP paedophile ring after finding no evidence to back allegations by a witness known as “Darren”. 

The Sunday Times.

There's a turn-up for the cooked books!

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