Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Elton: Meet Putin

Elton John's Instagram.

Can't figure out if this is a hoax or not.

Update: Yup, it's probably bollocks.

PS Katie Welsh, The Telegraph.

Elton John might be a millionaire masquerading as a human rights advocate, the Bono of the gay world, but Putin is a Bond villain who thinks he’s 007. He’ll probably insist on having the conversation while riding shirtless on a snowmobile through the Steppes with a burly biker gang or mud wrestling. He’s so aggressively masculine that he’s probably on first name terms with more bears than the entire biker phalanx of a Pride parade...

Note Telegraph readers are not thought to have to have 'bears' explained to them these days. Unlike 'twinks'. Knowledge of Grindr seems to be pretty much a given.

However The Telegraph's style book still says; 'gay: permissible in headlines if essential but use homosexual in text.' 

Odd, as the Telegraph has rather a lot of 'homosexuals' working for it now.

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