Monday, 7 September 2015

Gareth Thomas: #SoBrave

It's 2015.


Who still thinks coming out is a big deal, never mind some kind of epic heroic Herculean struggle?

[Edit: Pink News thinks this is 'stunning'! Towleroad found it 'uplifting'! The Independent - perhaps inevitably - thought it 'brave'. Oh to be so easily pleased].

PS Presumably like Guniness's last 'gay ad' this won't actually be broadcast.

For the record, David Smith, then editor of Gay Times, and other gay journalists, was invited to a screening of the first Guinness 'gay ad' and told it was their new 'ground-breaking' 'breakthrough' etc advert. He got a phone call shortly after saying they'd withdrawn it, and could he please not write about it. LOL! etc.
The Advocate: No, I won't.
Oh, and even I know he's not a 'footballer'.

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