Friday, 25 September 2015

GLAAD: Hollywood Must Do Better

This video compiles some of the anti-LGBT moments GLAAD has encountered in Hollywood film over the last five years.

In which some people get called bad words like 'fag', just like happens in the real world they're trying to portray.

Oh boo hoo squish.


  1. What a fucking moron. Advertisers pay millions to get their products into films and half the world seems to be obsessed with what film actors think, but casual homophobia in films doesn't affect anyone. So let's sneer at gay organisations trying to change it.

    Your passivity borders on masochism.

    1. So films shouldn't show homophobia, racism and sexism etc?

      Interesting thought.

    2. Not when it's gratuitous. When a script calls for a straight man to be abused, there are plenty of other insults in use today, besides fag. I know that it's so demanding to ask mega rich Hollywood screenwriters to avoid the routine and lazy use of fag as a deadly insult, even if it does help reduce its use in real life.

      You may love being called a fag, but those of use not living in wanky, gay friendly Brighton might not be so keen. I suppose you have posted a film you have not watched again, but GLAAD's film is not saying homophobia should never be shown. Your inability to distinguish between silly tokenism like baking rainbow muffins and things that do real harm to real people is what makes you look like an idiot.