Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Legend: The Verdict

We took former Kray hitman Freddie Foreman, now 83, to see the film, starring Tom Hardy in both lead roles.

Here is his verdict.

TOM HARDY plays both Ronnie and Reggie in the film — and watching him in action on screen was like seeing the twins reincarnated.

His physical likeness to both is uncanny. It was like watching their ghosts looming from 50 years ago.

But one thing the film gets totally wrong is the relationship between Reggie and his wife, Frances Shea. It portrays him to be a Romeo who charms all the birds off the trees, and that could not be more wrong. 

He was gay, just like Ronnie.

The film gives the impression that Frances killed herself because she couldn’t cope with Reggie being a gangster or being drawn into violence by his brother, and all that cobblers.

The truth is that their marriage was never properly consummated and she referred to him as “bacon bonce”, which is Cockney rhyming slang for nonce...

And the film makes Ronnie out to be a psychopathic lunatic, but actually he was a very warm person and capable of great kindness. He also had a very good sense of humour.

 Yes, he did walk into the Blind Beggar pub and shoot George Cornell dead. But in the earlier days, Ron was still not as bad as the film makes out...

The Sun.


The last part is positively Pythonesque.

PS Mirror; 9 things you never knew about the notorious Kray twins!!! (Except you probably know at least some of them, unless you're a bit 'McCormick').

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