Sunday, 6 September 2015

Strictly: Dancing With Pooves


Fellas dancing with fellas!

Bring on the obligatary queens! 

Saturday evening TV camp - much?

Pls stop crying HOMOPHPOBIA! when there clearly is none.

Can you imagine if your life was so easy you'd give a fuck about if they had same-sex partners on Strictly Come Dancing?

It's like getting faux-angry about cows being BANNED from racing in the Grand National.

PS Dear Fagburn, Does it get boring being proved right all the time?


'A BBC spokesman told Newsbeat that it had never intended to include Mr de Mooi and always preferred Mr Vine

'Another spokesman told the Independent: "To avoid any misinterpretation the reference to 'family show' - meaning all kinds of families - was only ever intended to describe the kind of show 'Strictly' is. It was not to explain casting decisions.”'


  1. Strictly Come Dancing is brilliant and something the BBC should be proud of. It's light and fun and doesn't take itself seriously at all, Unlike The X Factor, say; which is deeply cynical, overblown and seems to inspire mockery of the mentals they put on in the early stages on the one hand and cheering on hopefuls who, in the end, are just karaoke cogs in Simon Cowell's money machine and will be shat out after a few months in preparation for the next series of hopefuls.
    Strictly is pointless light entertainment, but it inspires kids to dance and many of the dances are really very beautiful.
    I don't understand how anyone can attack something that has those rare qualities.

    And as another commenter on here said the other day, the people whining about there being no same-sex couples on there don't really understand the subject.

  2. Dear Fagburn,
    What's it like being so self righteous all the time?
    A Reader
    Dear Reader,
    It's brilliant! I claim that a BBC quote in the Mirror is made up. When the BBC belatedly realises that referring to a family show is not terribly inclusive and issues a "clarification", confirming the quote was not made up, I use it to show how right I am!

    Although the Guardian and the Independent should be closed down for their rampant homophobia like illustrating stories with anonymous body parts, the BBC is absolutely right to pocket licence fees from gays and then only permit gays to be depicted in ways that don't come close to upsetting any mouth foaming, "two men together make me vomit", homophobes of Middle England.

    If you don't agree with me, your life is far too easy and I'll make up a spurious analogy like cows competing in the National to show how ridiculous I am. I mean you are.
    Love Fagburn