Saturday, 5 September 2015

Strictly: Same-Sex Dancing

Daily Mirror.

Egghead's 'star' CJ de Mooi, no less.

Yes, he's a repeat contestant on the BBC2 tea-time quiz show!

Neither he nor the Mirror have any evidence he was rejected because he said he wanted to dance with another man [The BBC say he was never under consideration].

Though Mooi is boo hoo-hoo crying he's a gayer spurned, it may just possibly be that Eggheads host, Jeremy Vine, was chosen because people have heard of him.

It's not like they've had a cavalcade of queens a-judging and a-dancing or anything.

PS CJ is so well-known Pink News spelt his name wrong [Later corrected, in fact the whole story was rewritten, below is the orginal before they realised it was probably bollocks].

PS Julian Clary wants same-sex couples to compete on Strictly Come Dancing, Mirror. Can't say this is that high on Fagburn's list of priorities. [JC's quotes are lifted from an old interview with OK! btw].


  1. If the BBC does not discriminate, why hasn't there been a same sex couple in 13 (or however many) series of this programme? If the Blackpool Tower Ballroom ejected same sex couples. it would be prosecuted.

    1. True.

      The point here is the veracity of Mr Egghead's story.

    2. Yes, but this Mr de Mooi would not be able to drum up any interest in this if there had been a same sex couple on the programme. And I do think the BBC's terror of offending homophobes is important, particularly as it likes to pose as gay friendly.