Saturday, 26 September 2015

Thought For The Day: Graham Norton

'I’m 52 and I’m single and on some level I feel like I’ve failed because by the time you’re my age, you really should be settled. But then I look at the relationships people around me have and I find myself asking, “Really?! That doesn’t look like winning to me.”

'It seems that the compromises people have to make aren’t ones I’m willing to make. I don’t know the answer. Maybe I’m just suited to being single. Clearly I am. I’ve reached the point that when people ask, “Are you single at the moment?” I say, “Come on, you can drop the ‘at the moment’. I’m single forever.”’

He still dates (‘I mean I’m not ruling it out. Who knows? Maybe I will find someone’) and would like to date someone his own age, but reckons that’s an ambition too far. ‘That’s the weird thing. Gay men my age don’t want to date someone their age.'

Graham Norton, Daily Mail.


  1. Oh Graham, shut the fuck up. Straight men your age don't want to date women their age.

    1. Nah, abandon all hope.

      If it happens, it happens, but...