Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tom Robinson: Eton Rifle

Radio 6 Music should be safe from the government’s attempts to curb the BBC. It was claimed last week that the Downing Street spin team go into hyperdrive whenever Sam Cameron complains about hearing a bad news story on her favourite station. One of 6’s presenters is Tom Robinson, the former punk protest singer, who told a TMS elf about being invited to perform at Eton. “One of the beaks was a fan,” he said. “It was daunting standing in front of 600 sons of the ruling elite, looking at me and thinking ‘who the eff is this?’” He kicked the gig off with his 1978 hit Glad to be Gay, an apt anthem for Eton, since a former headmaster was the first man to be convicted under the 1533 Buggery Act. *

Times Diary.

PS Listen to Tom Robinson's Live At Eton ep on Lastfm.

* Nicholas Udall.

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