Tuesday, 22 September 2015

VIP Paedophile Ring: Wasting Police Time

Scotland Yard abandoned a central part of its Westminster paedophile investigation last night, claiming it could no longer stand by its assertion that three children were murdered by VIP child abusers.

The Metropolitan police retreated from a controversial statement last year in which it said that lurid allegations about a sadistic child-sex group at the Dolphin Square apartment complex were “credible and true”.

In a lengthy statement responding to speculation that the inquiry, Operation Midland, was in trouble, the Met conceded that it was for a jury rather than the police to determine the truth of criminal allegations, which were made by a witness known only as “Nick”.A spokesman said: “We acknowledge that describing the allegations as ‘credible and true’ suggested we were pre-empting the outcome of the investigation.”

He added that those making the allegations were often “very vulnerable individuals” whose personal situations had to be handled carefully “irrespective of whether the allegations can be substantiated or not”. The force said that the inquiry into claims from the 1970s and 1980s was continuing and added: “This is and remains a murder investigation” ...

The Times.

In fine: 'Yes, it was all bollocks, but we need to save face so won't completely close down this wild gay goose chase.'

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  1. However, we must resist any pressure to call complainants anything other than "victims" without qualification. To label them in such a way that does not accept their claims 100% is to renew the abuse which they have a right to have us believe they underwent.