Sunday, 13 September 2015

VIP Paedophile Ring: Whatever Next?

A POLICE investigation into claims of murder by a VIP paedophile ring has been halted after detectives could find no evidence to support the allegations.

Officers from the Suffolk force became so worried by the behaviour of the “witness” who made the claims — known only as Darren — that they have referred his son to social services.

Darren has now said that he will no longer co-operate with the police. He had previously given lurid accounts of two incidents in which he claimed people died at the hands of a paedophile gang that included a senior Conservative politician.

His claims have been given widespread coverage in newspapers and on the internet. In July he was interviewed for an Australian television documentary, the 60 Minutes programme on Channel 9, during which he named a Conservative MP as being part of the gang.

The declaration that there is no evidence to support Darren’s claims is another setback to the campaign by the new deputy Labour leader Tom Watson and others to show that a paedophile ring once operated at the highest level of the government.

Last week it was reported in the Daily Mail that police had “grave doubts” over allegations by a second witness, known as “Nick”, who claimed to know of three murders by the gang, but officers could not find a “shred of credible evidence” to substantiate them.

In addition, a source has told The Sunday Times that Operation Midland — a separate investigation by the Metropolitan police into the alleged Westminster ring — is “going nowhere” because detectives can find no evidence to corroborate the stories of witnesses... 

Sunday Times.

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