Saturday, 31 October 2015

Alan Bennett: How Can You?

'The lies on the front page of the Mail are so vulgar and glaring. Occasionally people say they like my work and then I see they have a copy of the Mail, and you think, ‘Well, how can you?’'

Alan Bennett is profiled in The Guardian.

One wonders how Alan's Daily Mail-reading fans will cope with the news that one of your actual 'national treasures' is a big fan of Jeremy Corbyn?

This travels over rather familar terrain, though there are some new insights into his not coming out ('I didn’t want to be in anybody’s pocket, that’s why I didn’t want to be thought to be gay, particularly. Pigeonholed. And then as you get older it just ceases to matter.'), and Rupert Thomas ('his partner of 23 years'); 'I’m chary of saying to people that I’m very happy or even that I’m happy. You tell people that you’re happy and they are bored by that. But we are.'

Apparently, he's got a new film coming out soon.

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