Thursday, 15 October 2015

Chemsex: Just Say 'Ok Yah'

Remember Max Gogarty – the gap year travel writer from 2008, whose Nathan Barley-esque travel blog for the Guardian got absolutely ripped apart by readers?

Max's experience at the time was so awful that his father told the press "He has said to me that he doesn't like the media world now. He doesn't want to go into it any more."

Seems like Max has grown up to be made of sterner stuff. Because having cut his teeth working for Vice, he is now working at BBC3 and has a documentary about chemsex coming out this autumn.

Fingers crossed it gets a better reception than his travel blog.


Ah yes, who can forget the sad story; Hate mail hell of a gap-year blogger - Cyber-bullies who attacked young author are accused of class hatred.

The connection was pointed out last week by an eagle-eyed Fagburn reader, who may or may not also write for Popbitch.

And some say the current moral panic over chemsex is just media-driven hysteria by the pearl-clutching gay bourgeoisie!!??

Remember when they kept saying we were all going to get addicted to crystal meth?

PS You can watch the fillum here this weekend!

Apparently if you have gay sex on drugs this happens...

One of two actual promotional images.

PS Video interview with the 'HOW POSH!!??' directors, Wills and Max, who claim it is 'an entirely under-reported story.' Seriously.

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