Sunday, 18 October 2015

Chemsex: Why Oh Why?

Life is better than ever for London's gay community. So why are some men indulging in drug-fuelled parties of weekend-long, often unsafe, sex with HIV rates on the rise? The writer Matt Cain believes the roots of the dark 'chemsex' scene touch us all 

Independent On Sunday.

Why are some gay men indulging in drug-fuelled parties of weekend-long sex?

That's a toughie!

Erm, maybe because they enjoy it?

Why do other people's pleasures have to be seen as a problem, and as a sign of pathology?

This terrifying 'dark' OTHER!

Some still say this about homosexuality, you know?


  1. Matt Cain. Is that the godawful posho chum of Russell Tovey? Think he used to be an arts bod for Channel 4.