Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cliff Richard: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

At the Birmingham Symphony Hall last week, Cliff Richard made his first British stage appearance since being denounced last year as a suspect in police paedophile inquiries, and subjected to a raid on his home, which the BBC was tipped off to witness. His return was greeted with acclaim, not least by some of the same newspapers that banqueted on the original allegations against him.

One of the claims made against Sir Cliff has been dropped for “lack of sufficient evidence to justify a prosecution”; the other two seem likely to go the same way. There are encouraging signs that the public, which appeared earlier to rejoice in the spectacle of investigations against historic sex offenders turning into a witch-hunt against all and sundry, is starting to feel ashamed of itself... 

Max Hastings leaps to the defence of Sir Cliff Richard - and his chum Field Marshall Lord Bramall - in The Sunday Times, and attacks one of the most lunatic and shameful episodes in British journalism's history.

And here's their sister paper, The Sun, applauding Cliff's Lazarus-like live return this week; 'The child sex abuse allegations aimed at Sir Cliff Richard have done nothing to dampen his cheesiness...' etc etc

And here they are sticking the knife in last year...


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  1. Canon Alan Billings, South Yorkshire's Labour Police & Crime Commissioner, recently complained about the length of time the IPCC is taking to investigate complaints about the way more than 60 police officers handled cases of sexual abuse following the publication of the Jay Report in August 2014. Apparently it is "affecting morale".

    I am not aware, and cannot find, any pronouncement from him about the length of time South Yorkshire Police has taken to investigate a single allegation of sexual abuse against Cliff Richard made prior to the raid on his house in August 2014