Friday, 9 October 2015

Daily Mail: Sorry

Daily Mail.

With the help of the BBC’s Panorama this week, the full evil lunacy of the child abuse and murder conspiracy allegations relating to Dolphin Square, Elm House, Leon Brittan, Ted Heath, Field Marshal Lord Bramall etc is now emerging. There is a long, long way to go, however, before the names are properly cleared and the police have apologised for their disgusting behaviour. There also needs to be a long list drawn up of those in public life and the media who gave credence to these cruel fantasies. The behaviour of Tom Watson MP puts him in the same class as Titus Oates, Noel Pemberton Billing and Senator Joe McCarthy. Many of us tut-tut that Jeremy Corbyn is leader of the Labour party, but it is far more shocking that its deputy leader is Mr Watson.

Charles Moore's Notes, The Spectator.

Post-Leveson score-settling from the Labour-bashing Mail and Moore?

Well duh, but this sorry, shitty episode shows the man is a power-crazed bully.
Oh. And erm Richard Littlejohn also hates the 'Nonce Finder General'...

I thought Orwell once wrote something along the lines of, 'Something is not necessarily false just because it's appeared in the Daily Mail', but I can't find it.

So can you just pretend he said it and nod sagely?

[Edit: And similarly, an accusation isn't necessarily true just because it's made against a public figure you despise].

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