Saturday, 3 October 2015

Denis Healey: 1917-2015

Fagburn once wrote to Denis Healey after seeing him on a daytime chatshow being asked how he felt about Mike Yarwood giving him this catchphrase; 'What a silly billy!'

He replied something like; 'At least it wasn't 'What a gay day!''

He wrote me a nice letter back saying about how he hadn't meant it to sound homophobic, it was just a reference to Larry Grayson (!).

Think I must have been about 15 or something.

And that, comrades, is my fascinating anecdote about Labour party political giant Denis Healey!

Was saving it for my memoirs but what the hey.

PS Google 'Denis Healey' and 'Chagos' or 'IMF' or 'Benn'.

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