Monday, 5 October 2015

Gay Ads: Gay Dads R Us

Campbell's has released an ad for their yummy condensed soup.

And guess what? It's got two gay dads with their kid in!

Imagine! An advert with two gay dads and their kid!!!

It's not like that's the only type of gay men you see in commercials these days.

Thus, arguably, exposing the new homocapitalist-conformity-heteronormativity-consumerism hegemeony like a quick and easy naked lunch.

'Adorable... it will melt your heart!' said all gay media robots.*

Andy Warhol must be boiling over in his grave.

* Little parlour game: Google "Campbells gay" and "adorable" or "heartwarming" and then tell me one gay media that didn't use these sentimental virtual cliches. Huffpost Gay Voices went for the triple whammy, ending with the barftastic; 'If nothing else, they've succeeded giving us all the feels'. Sake.

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