Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gays In The News: Murray Healy

THE leader of an anti-capitalist attack on a “yuppie” cafe used profits he made on a nearby flat to buy a £600,000 property.

Murray Healy joined burning torch-waving anarchists as they surrounded the Cereal Killer Cafe in East London’s Brick Lane last weekend.

He is part of the Class War group who claim the brothers behind the diner draw in well-off “hipsters” from outside the area who are forcing up property prices and driving locals out.

But when The Sun on Sunday approached Healy, who was born in West Sussex, about buying and selling a flat for a £35,000 profit he threatened to throw urine on our reporter.

We confronted him at his £580,000 home in Kennington, South London, which was built by developers on the site of an ex-council block, the type of development Class War opposes.

Fashion mag editor Healy, 46, pulled out a bottle of yellow liquid and said: “This is a bottle of p*** and I’m going to pour it on you.” ...

The Sun On Sunday.

Fagburn's close personal showbiz pal Murray, there.


PS Here's an interview with the fash mag slag - which omits his tenure at Boyz, surely a career zenith.

PPS Mr Healy's sublime book, Gay Skins: Class, masculinity and queer appropriation, was re-printed last year.

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