Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Hoax Watch: Guns Before Butt Lube

When an Alabama Walmart was buying stock for their gun counter, they might want to do a little bit more than read the label.

They found that out after a man filmed a video that has gone viral on Facebook, showing their guns are paired with ‘gun oil’ lube.

‘Oh wow,’ Jamie Lee Bracey says, picking up the bottle of Gun Oil H20 – a lubricant known for targeting the gay community.

‘It says water-based lubricant for your gun.’...

Gay Star News - and all other over-excited and incredibly  creduolus gay media outlets.

A cynic may wonder if the viral video of a man finding one (1) bottle of Gun Oil anal lube at a Walmart gun counter is in fact a hoax.

The image he filmed of him 'finding' itis somewhat different to the illustration.

Doesn't look like Walmart stores even sell this brand.

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