Monday, 19 October 2015

Hysteria Watch: Islamism Is The New Paedo Panic

Convicted terrorists and other extremists will be put on a register that mirrors the vetting regime used by authorities to check if a person has a conviction for child sex abuse.

It will ensure they are ‘automatically banned from working with children… in the same way as individuals convicted of sexual offences against children’, a Downing Street official said last night.

During a party conference speech earlier this month, the Prime Minister warned that ‘passive tolerance’ of extremism and a failure to make Muslim communities integrate had put Britain’s children in ‘danger’.

Today he will say the ‘stakes are rising’ and Britain can no longer ‘turn a blind eye’ to fanatics who are brainwashing children to take part in terrorism or become jihadis...

Daily Mail.

All sounds a bit Section 28 to me.

And rather McCarthyite.

How long before Tom Watson starts naming and shaming perfectly innocent people?

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