Friday, 9 October 2015

Petition: Don't Deport Mike Phelan

An American living in Bexhill is facing deportation at the end of the month, despite living in the country for the past decade with his partner of 19 years.

Michael Phelan came to the UK in 2005 with his British partner John Wilde and the couple entered into a civil partnership in 2006.

Michael, who lives in Singleton Walk, received a temporary residence for five years and when this expired he applied for an indefinite leave to remain.

He was refused and was forced to wait three years for an answer from the Home Office as to what they were going to do since he had been declared an overstay.

Michael has now been told he is to return to the USA on October 22, forcing him to leave behind his partner of 19 years.

Supporters have set up an online petition urging the Home Office to reconsider its decision...

Bexhill Observer.

Don't Deport Mike Phelan, petition

Thanks to Mike A. x

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