Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Pink News: Blue News

Pink News.
Bring-bring bring-bring bring-bring...

'Hello, Pink News.'

'Hiya, Olly St John Stevas from Conservative Central Office here. Wondered if you'd like me to send over some titbits from David Cameron's speech to conference today?'

'Sure. There's some stuff in it about the gays, yes?'

'Yah. David loves the gays these days... mainly to distract attention from him unleashing his unrelenting class war against the poor.'


'Just joshing! So you'll print it pretty much verbatim as per, yah? No silly quibbling or carping or saying it's a load of hypocritical hooey and pious platitudes.'

'Of course, beats working.'

'When will it go up?'

'Just as soon as I've cut-and-pasted this pointless press release from Peter Tatchell.'

'Great. Ciao!'


PS Looks like Gay Times got the same press release. [Edit: Clearly nicked off Pink News!]

Update: Oops! There ain't no pleasing some people!

Update2: Forget the hug-a-gay-British-Muslim act, this Tory party is hard right, Dominic Minghella, Independent Voices.

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