Thursday, 1 October 2015

Reader's Comment Of The Day: The Spectator

"Atheist and gay, Frederick the Great was more radical than most leaders today"

That should read, 'Atheist and homosexual, Frederick the Great was more radical than most leaders today'

Why is The Spectator giving voice for Marxist saboteurs of Western Civilization, who use 'gay' for 'homosexual', knowing that a 'homosexual agenda' would be clearly seen as sabotage of Western Civilization, hence the more pleasant sounding 'gay agenda'. Similar is the term 'marriage equality', a slogan meant to preclude an objection to same sex marriage. But when persons are reminded what marriage is for (including those who are homosexual/lesbian), that being to socialize children into the worlds of men AND women, then we clearly see the (1) imbecility of the slogan 'marriage equality'; and (2) Marxist design to destroy Western Civilization by destroying children's critical parental bi-gender socialization.

Well said Spectator reader Dean Jackson!

High time someone exposed The Spectator's role in the great Marxist/homosexual conspiracy.

PS The clearly sane Mr Jackson is rather fond of leaving comments on his cruelly ignored theory.

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