Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sex Survey: Oh Really?

UK-based gay men’s charity GMFA has carried out its biggest ever survey into gay men’s sex lives – with results that are both encouraging and others that are slightly worrying.

Of the 3,000 responses, high numbers of men admitted not using condoms when they had sex – although the majority of respondents also claimed to have had a sexual health test in the past twelve months.

In addition, over half of the men in the sample had fewer than five sexual partners in the last year – with 58% saying that they had had sex in the last week.

However, some of the most interesting results were those concerning HIV awareness and treatment.

Over half of respondents had not been diagnosed with HIV admitted that they were worried about becoming HIV-positive – but only a third admitted to using condoms the last time they had anal sex.

By contrast, 90% of gay with HIV said they used condoms the last time they had a sexual partner – and 71% claimed that they would use PrEP immediatley if it was available on the NHS...

Pink News. 

Yes, very interesting, but for the love of cock, you can't generalise from a self-selecting online survey.

And any sex survey should be taken with a rather large pinch of salty spunk.

The full survey results are in FS magazine's The Sex Issue.

Fagburn wonders if PN have read the editorial? 'Stats can be great to use. We love using them. But they can be manipulated to create a headline that doesn’t paint a full picture...'


PS Yes, Gay Star News got the same press release and used the same headline (with added anal).

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