Thursday, 1 October 2015

Statistics: Daft Data

In 2014, 1.6% of adults in the UK identified their sexual identity as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

The likelihood of an adult identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual decreased with age. Around 2.6% of adults aged 16 to 24 years identified themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual. This decreased to 0.6% of adults aged 65 and over.

Around 0.5% of adults identified themselves as bisexual, with women (0.7%) being twice as likely as men to do so (0.3%).

London had the highest percentage of adults identifying themselves as lesbian, gay or bisexual, at 2.6%.

From the latest Integrated Household Survey, Office For National Statistics.

You can also see breakdowns by age, gender, region, country, occupation, and err, cigarette smoking, for what it's worth (not much).

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