Thursday, 15 October 2015

Stonewall Awards: Best Bye (Geddit?)

Stonewall hosts its final annual awards ceremony next month, and is marking the occasion by celebrating 10 years of achievements of lesbian, gay and bi people and their allies...

Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt said: ‘We’ve been on an incredible journey since we launched our awards. Ten years ago, a peck on the lips between two men on TV would have caused uproar, and books featuring lesbian characters rarely made the best-seller list. And this was one of the only award ceremonies to celebrate the achievements of the lesbian, gay and bi community. That simply isn’t the case today, and ceremonies and awards that recognise the success and diversity of our wonderful community have blossomed.

‘We have therefore decided that now is the time for us to step back, making this year’s awards the final Stonewall Awards. But there is still a long way to go. Greater diversity of LGBT people is absolutely essential and the power of this should not be underestimated. Having a richer and more varied range of role models means that everyone, no matter what their religion, ethnicity, age, background or identity, can see themselves positively represented. And this ensures that every person, wherever they are, knows they are not alone, and that they don’t have to hide. Watch this space for something new next year, which will reflects all our communities and brings people from across those communities together.’ ...


Good, bye.

There are far too many stupid sodding LGBT awards these days, it's all rather silly and pointless (and all too often tokenistic and fixed).

And they never give me one!

Especially this totes ridic rainbow-coloured shitstorm.

PS Might bring back the Fagburn Worst Awards this year, though.


  1. People to be wary of (1): people who talk of 'being on a journey'.

    Paul Brownsey