Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tom Watson: A Heated Debate

David Aaronvitch debates those evidence-free VIP paedophile ring fantasies with some mad conspiracy theorist Peter Jukes - with hilarious results!

'I think there was a period of madness, and it also involved the press, we shouldn't just implicate politicians in this...' 

Mr Tinfoil-Hat's stunning argument is that when people call it a 'witchhunt', it suggests they believe that, like witchcraft, child abuse does not exist!

See also Tom Watson: The unacceptable face of the paedo panic, Tim Black, Spiked.

Fraser Nelson on Tom Watson's collusion with the cops.

Why won’t the Met speak out on Tom Watson’s biggest claim? The police have found no evidence for ‘a paedophile network linked to No. 10’. They should now admit it. Alistair Jackson, Panorama - the best summary of the case against Watson's claims there was a 'VIP paedophile ring'.

Und! Tom Watson Attacks Child Abuse Victim in Online Rant!!! Telegraph.

Dear Pot...


  1. Peter Jukes isn't Exaro. He's mostly know for his writing on Murdoch + phone hacking. Here he is

    He has gone off the deep end with this stuff though.

    1. Apologies, thanks.
      Got him confused after seeing Mark Watts on TV before...