Thursday, 8 October 2015

VIP Paedo Cover Up: And While You Were Looking In The Other Direction...

Prince Charles was last night sensationally linked to Establishment support for a predatory bishop that led to a cover-up of his crimes.

The heir to the throne was forced to deny interfering in the legal process to help Peter Ball escape sex abuse charges as the 83-year-old was finally brought to justice yesterday over offences against boys dating back 40 years.

Charles's dramatic intervention came after the Old Bailey was told a royal had written in support of the former Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester when he was first investigated.

The prince is understood to have been among MPs, cabinet ministers, public school headmasters and a former lord chief justice all said to have assisted Ball...


Well, he always stood up for his beloved uncle, the alleged pederast and VIP paedophile Lord Louis Mountbatten, didn't he?

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