Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Chemsex: Crazy

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A WORRYING new craze that involves drug-fuelled sex sessions lasting up to 72 hours with multiple partners could be the cause of soaring STI rates.

'Chemsex', usually carried out by gay men, involves taking a combination of drugs - such as mephedrone, GHB, GBL and crystal meth - then having sex for hours, or even days.

Experts have said the trend should be a public health priority due to increased HIV risk... 

The Sun were a bit late to the chemsex party, but didn't let us down with this piece of silly sensationalism; Dangerous 'chemsex' trend is leaving people riddled with STIs.


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Hannah McCall, a senior nurse, said while the craze is currently noted among gay men, it could easily filter through to the heterosexual community.

She said: “What we are seeing is that gay men are reporting they are using these drugs, but no one has done any real research into the heterosexual community yet.”

There you go.

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