Thursday, 5 November 2015

Elton John: Not Waving, But Drowning

Sir Elton John has said he will petition the Queen Elizabeth II to ‘change’ anti-gay laws in Commonwealth countries if necessary.

In an interview with CNBC, the British rocker and his husband, David Furnish, said Britain could use its influence in its former colonies to ‘push a little bit harder’ for LGBTI rights.

‘These laws come from… the Commonwealth,’ John said.

‘These laws can be changed very easily by the Queen saying, “change the law.” I haven’t approached her about that yet.’

Asked whether he would really press the Queen on the matter, John said: ‘If the worst comes to the worst, one has to, yeah.

‘These are old laws from the British Commonwealth
[sic], I mean these can be changed. And so the Queen could do that with one wave of her hand.’ ...

Gay Star News.


Erm, are you sure Her Majesty has this magical power, Sir Elton?

My gob is well and truly smacked!

PS But of course, both stories were presented without questioning John's stupid claim. The Pink News story was later edited to read; 'However, Sir Elton may be disappointed to find out that this is not actually the case...'


  1. And, of course, these places could repeal their anti-gay laws if they wanted to.

    In the 17th century, anti-royalists in the English Parliament created the myth of freedom-living Saxons who had been cruelly subjected to the Norman yoke represented by the Stuarts. Similar myth: all these countries abroad were ever so pro-gay before the nasty British imposed anti-gayness on them.

    Paul Brownsey

  2. Of course, Mrs Furnish has missed the point that for some reason Mrs Windsor is widely respected in the Commonwealth, but in nearly 90 years has never found the time to say that maybe throwing the gays in prison is not the best idea.