Monday, 23 November 2015

Fagburn Awards: The Worst Article Published In The Gay Media Of 2015

Sorry, Fagburn normally waits until December to announce any awards, but as of today this category is surely now closed.

Well done Samuel Chiron for this classic piece of pointless whiney winky wanky worthy middle-class gult-tripping 'right-on' crapola, and congrats to Huff Post Gay Voices who find space for endless smug crap like this.

Nore more boring!

None more clueless!

None more self-righteous!

None more delusional self-styled SJW!

I haven't laughed so much since I read And The Winners Of The 2015 Queerties Awards Are..

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  1. lol kids who would see Tim Cook as a positive role model should be bullied