Monday, 30 November 2015

Gilbert & George: What The Papers Say

The artists insist they are “not against anything” – even religion or political correctness. “It’s just, how can we form ourselves to hurt less?” George asks. “How can you stop someone being arrested today in Nairobi for having a different sexual orientation and never coming out of that bloody lockup? How can we stop that?”

Political correctness historically served an important role, particularly in elevating the rights of gay people. The liberal press, Gilbert says, used to be “closet homophobes”. “The LIBERAL press,” George repeats, for added emphasis. “I remember they used the term ‘filthy queers’ which they’re not allowed to use, right? But by saying: ‘Gilbert & George must be very unhappy having been called ‘filthy queers’ for all these years.’”

“The Times?” Gilbert asks.

“No, that was the Guardian. The rightwing press would never do that. They’re too polite. They may be unpleasant but they’re polite.”

The Guardian seem to have given them nothing but blanket and ovating coverage these past few years, I note.

“That’s recent,” George says.

“And quite interesting because we always buy the Telegraph,” Gilbert adds.

“Always,” George echoes...

From that rare beast, a rather boring interview with the terrible twins, Guardian online.

PS Here's the Guardian's five star review of their new exhibition, Banners, Art as undeniable as a punch in the face. And the Telegraph's one star review, Probably their worst show yet.


  1. Gilbert and George, the Dustin and Tom of their day.

  2. The Ant and Dec of tomorrow. Which is which again?