Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Luka Magnotta: Two Princes

A gay escort jailed for life after killing and chopping up a Chinese student has sick fantasies about the royal family during his 'luxurious' prison life.

In a gruesome case that shocked Canada, Luka Magnotta murdered student Jun Lin, videotaped his acts and then mailed body parts to primary schools and two political parties.

He was caged for life with no chance of parole for 25 years last year.

But in series of letter to pals, the killer described a prison life akin to that of a university student - packed with pizza parties and sunbathing.

And in one vile missive, he reveals sinister sexual fantasies about the monarchy.

"He is a prolific writer of letters to friends," a pal told the Toronto Sun .

One of them read: "I wonder what it's like getting f****d by the royal family.

"I bet William and Harry know how to use their crown jewels, lol."

In other letters, Magnotta reveals a comfortable lifestyle in which he works in the prison kitchen, before relaxing with art, music, sports and books in his spare time...

In another, he says he had bought the latest Celine Dion album to enjoy while sunbathing.

The murderer's only trouble seems to be the poor selection of chocolate available inside the prison walls.

"These f****** a******** said they would add Ferrero Rocher and they didn't. They just want all their choices on the canteen.. ...


Surprised Buckingham Palace weren't asked for a comment.

The Toronto Sun article didn't highlight Luka's SICK SEX FANTASIES about our beloved princes, it just pops up in one of the scans -  so well done The Mirror for finding a local angle.

PS Some readers of the Montreal Gazette have said his descriptions of his cushy life in prison sound like 'bullshit'.

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