Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Stephen Fry: Shamelessly Bourgeois

When asked his response to those in the LGBT community who considered marriage an “antiquated, oppressive” institution, to be overthrown rather than joined, Fry said he was aware of how the campaign for marriage equality in Britain had taken on a “very distinctive, anti-bourgeois, anti-patriarchal sort of attitude” and become tied to a “great raft of issues that you could feel was all somehow opposed to the status quo and the establishment”.

[This is garbled, Fry namechecks the GLF and - bizarrely - the distinctly non-radical Campaign For Homosexual Equality, and meant lesbians and gay men who oppose marriage, obvs. 'The great raft of issues' embraced include 'feminism... Ban The Bomb'! 16 mins in].

However, “the fact that gay people have revealed themselves, some of them like myself, to be shamelessly bourgeois – I apologise to those who thought I’ve sold out but I’m afraid I never really bought in.”

Gaurdian online on this Australian TV interview for ABC News.

He also retells his favourite story - told by a friend of a friend, a royal courtier, no less - about Her Maj The Queen enthusiastically signing in the same-sex marriage bill.

Though I stand to be corrected by Mr Fry's infinite wisdom and inside knowledge, again, this is utter nonsense, she did not literally sign it, but it's clearly a comforting delusion for this arselicker by appointment to the House Of Windsor.

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  1. And here is Mrs Spencer - surely darling Elliot's last name is rather a drawback for a royal arselicker - making up stories to cover up Mrs Windsor's total silence on the subject of the gays. All those queens employed to ladle the cornflakes out of the Tupperware for THE Queen, but do they ever get to mince about in the Christmas broadcast? Most certainly not!