Sunday, 1 November 2015

Stephen Gately: Moving

THE family of Stephen Gately have told of their “nightmare” at discovering that his husband has moved a new lover into the Spanish home where the Boyzone star died.

Andrew Cowles, 37, looked blissfully happy with boyfriend Rafael Romero at the £1million pad this week, just days after the sixth anniversary of Stephen’s death.

But his heartbroken sister-in-law Claire Gately fumed: “Why would you choose to live in the house where your husband died?

“I don’t know why he would want to stay in a place like that, let alone move someone else in.”

Claire spoke out for free after The Sun on Sunday approached her about pictures of Andrew and Rafael at the Mallorca apartment...

The Sun On Sunday. 

Sun buys photo, Sun makes up story.

It's been six years, dear, time to move on...


  1. You missed the next line from the article:

    "She also revealed the family are still in dispute with Andrew over Stephen’s £1.5million estate".

    This article unwittingly shows why Civil Partnerships are a jolly good thing.

  2. People to be wary of (2): people who use "move on".

    But as for “Why would you choose to live in the house where your husband died?"-- Don't most people who've lost a husband do that? My Gran did.

    1. What should I have said if not 'move on', pls?

    2. Something nice and old like "Put it behind you".

      Paul Brownsey

  3. 'Move on'? Makes him sound like he was a hamster