Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Syria: Sodomy In Action

The Advocate.
As with Iran a decade ago, and Russia a year ago, you can now tell when the right is getting ready for war, as they suddenly highlight homophobia in a designated country.

Altogether now; 'They throw gay men off buildings!' 

Update: David Cameron's call to arms in the Commons on Thursday...

“In the Middle East, they are seeking to establish their vision of a caliphate across Iraq and Syria, forcing people in those areas to yield to their rule or face torture or death. They have beheaded aid workers, organised systematic rape, enslaved Yazidi women and thrown gay people off buildings. All these atrocities belong to the dark ages.”

Andrew Percy, Conservative MP for Brigg & Goole writing in the Telegraph.

Google 'Syria gay/s buildings' for endless examples of this 'Bombing for gay rights' mantra.

Gay Star News: Pornography As Propaganda?
Only carpet bombing can stop this!

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  1. The only reason you think this is cos all you ever talk about is gay related stuff so it's self-fulfilling. In the real world, i,e, House of Commons today, Foreign Policy Committee before, the gayz barely get a mention, if any. There are a sh&t load of reasons being advanced for 'intervention' which have sod all 'gay content'.