Saturday, 12 December 2015

Chemsex: Enjoy Watching!


'This underreported phenomenon...'


In fine: The expected story; gay men into chemsex must be sad, mad, bad and dangerous to know.

PS Many of the people did seem to be a bit erm... 'eccentric', so maybe you have a point.


  1. Richard, I respect your humour, and get you; this post is crossing a line though. These guys are both doing well in their recovery now, after a difficult time with drugs. They have consented, bravely, to having their clips included in the film, in the hope it will raise awareness and help others. We need to respect their vulnerability and applaud their bravery. Would you consider removing this post? I want them to believe their gay community is a kind, supportive one.

    1. They've clearly got issues, but how does it help putting them on film?

    2. It helps because others who have been through similar experiences, identify; realise they are not alone, and feel emboldened to ask for help. Many have, as a result. The films participants allowed their contributions for this reason. Very brave and kind, despite the possible consequences. I know many wish to thank them.
      I'm sorry I asked you to take the post down earlier; it's your site, and I've no right to. I just got a bit emotional and defensive about these guys who I've shared a journey with. They're so lovely. I apologise again; please ignore my request to remove the post, that's intrusive.